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I'm a career changer that worked for many years as a biologist and research scientist before moving into a management job that involved some web development.

Now I've been bitten by the development bug, which has led me to acquire many new skills; but I feel an unquenchable thirst to learn more.

I've now found an opportunity to apply and expand my skills and experience in a full time web developer role within the Higher Education sector.


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Used on this website:

This portfolio was built with plain HTML, CSS (SCSS) and vanilla JavaScript.
No templates, frameworks or libraries have been used.


Screenshot of website


Modern, responsive website for a healthy meals delivery business.

Screenshot of website


Website frontend built with CSS floats for legacy code understanding.

Screenshot of website


Holiday booking app frontpage built with CSS Flexbox.

Screenshot of website


Frontpage for a luxury homes real estate agent, built with CSS Grid.

Screenshot of website

Clear View Escapes

Website for a travel company, made with HTML, CSS and vanilla JS.

Screenshot of website

The Tropical Tank

My own hobbyist website, started back in 2000 - working on a major revamp.

Screenshot of website

Another hobbyist website built from scratch, about a special group of primitive fishes.

Screenshot of website

Animated Template

Animated Template page using Tailwind CSS.

Screenshot of website

Light / Dark Mode

A switchable Light Mode / Dark Mode demo page.

Screenshot of website

Sandham Lane Allotments

A small website created for a local allotment association.

Screenshot of website

Exotic Garden UK

A WordPress website project.

Screenshot of website

Wharf Aquatics

My previous employer's website that I maintained for several years before converting it to Shopify.


JavaScript Introduction with W3Cx

Adding interactivity to HTML documents, API's, Structuring data, Working with forms.

Verified Certificate

Oct - Nov 2021

Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML and CSS

Responsive modern web design, with project build - "Omnifood".

Certificate of Completion

Nov - Dec 2021

Advanced CSS and SASS:
Flexbox, Grid, Animations and more!

Complete CSS and SASS/SCSS course, with 3 project builds - "Natours", "Trillo", "Nexter".

Certificate of Completion

Dec 2021 - Jan 2022

Git a Web Developer Job:
Mastering the Modern Workflow

Git/GitHub, NPM, Webpack, CSS architecture, with project build - "Clear View Escapes".

Certificate of Completion

Jan 2022

Web Accessibility with the W3C

A unique course from the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) in cooperation with UNESCO.

Verified Certificate

April 2022

JavaScript Unit Testing:
The Practical Guide.

Writing automated tests (unit & integration tests) for JavaScript with Vitest & Jest.

Certificate of Completion

May - June 2022

WordPress for Beginners

Creating a WordPress website step by step.

Certificate of Completion

July 2022

PHP for WordPress

The basics of coding in PHP and making modifications in WordPress.

LinkedIn Learning Certificate

July 2022

MySQL For Beginners:
Real Database Experience Real Fast

Designing and structuring a database, queries, CRUD actions, stored functions and procedures.

Certificate of Completion

August 2022

React For The Rest Of Us

React Basics and working with components, creating a real-world app.

Certificate of Completion

August 2022

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM, Using Analytics Data, Social Media.

Verified Certificate

August 2022

UX for Web Design

Creating a good User Experience and good design practice.

LinkedIn Learning Certificate

October 2022

Planning and Releasing Software with Jira

Using Jira Software with Confluence and Bitbucket to support the software development life cycle.

LinkedIn Learning Certificate

November 2022

Skills Development Bootcamp in Web Development

Intensive bootcamp course: programming in JavaScript plus HTML, CSS, React and Node.

University of Nottingham / Hyperion Dev

Nov 2022 - Feb 2023

APIs and Web Services

Creating and using RESTful APIs, SOAP web services, APIs with GraphQL.

LinkedIn Learning Certificate

January 2024